Belleville Washers

Belleville washers from Mubea meet the most stringent requirements for fatigue strength and against setting loss. Our disc springs are produced according to DIN 2093 specifications and are resistant to corrosion, features low-high temperature operation and antimagnetic properties.

Mubea Belleville washers are shallow conical rings that are subjected to axial loads. The load is evenly distributed because the ring thickness is constant. Belleville spring washers can be subjected to a variety of loads including static, rarely alternating and also dynamic loads.

Belleville Washer Features:

  • High fatigue life
  • Different assemblies can be designed to achieve the desired load characteristics
  • Special materials and various surface coatings available
  • Better space utilization when compared to other spring types
  • Low creep tendency with the correct dimensioning
  • High load capacity with a small spring deflection

Mubea Disc Springs are used in a variety of applications which have included safety valves, safety brakes for lifts and elevators, couplings, aerial cable cars, machine tool clamping components, boiler suspension systems in power stations, backlash compensation for ball bearings, brakes for construction and railway vehicles, overload protection in electric transformers and many more.

Washer Specifications:

  • Materials to DIN 2093 (DIN 17 221, DIN 17 222) and special materials
  • Disc springs to DIN 2093
  • Outside diameter from 8.0 mm to 800 mm
  • Disc springs with a thickness of 0.2 mm and greater
  • Disc springs standards as required

To access our disc springs calculations program or a list of standard parts check out the Downloads page or you may contact our sales experts today for further assistance.

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