Belleville Disc Springs & Washers

Belleville Washer TheoryAccording to the disc spring theory, Belleville springs (also known as Belleville washers) are shallow conical rings that are subjected to axial loads. Normally, the ring thickness is constant and the applied load is evenly distributed over the upper inside and lower outside edges. Disc springs are generally manufactured from spring steel and can be subjected to static loads, rarely alternating loads, and dynamic loads. Disc springs can meet the most stringent fatigue life and set loss requirements. 

Disc springs can be designed to meet the specific requirements of a variety of applications. These requirements can typically be met with springs from Mubea’s standard product line. Our standard product line includes disc springs designed per the requirements of DIN 2093, our own internal factory standards, as well as other specal sizes. Disc springs from our standard product ine are typically available from stock for immediate delivery.

Disc springs can also be designed with non-standard dimensions. Depending upon the availability of material and tooling requirements, delivery times may be longer.


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Belleville disc springs (also known as belleville disc washers) were invented by Julien-Francoise Belleville, who was awarded a patent in 1861 for a spring designed like a cone-shaped ring, capable of absorbing large axial forces with relatively small spring travel. Mubea has proudly manufactured Belleville springs in our Daaden, Germany plant since 1960.

Creating a Belleville Disc Spring

Use the arrows below to navigate through how Belleville disc springs are made.

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  • 1. Production
  • 2. Tool Making
  • 3. Raw Material
  • 4. Fine Blanking
  • 5. Flame Cutting
  • 6. Deburring
  • 7. Heat Treating
  • 8. Shot Peening
  • 9. Corrosion Protection
  • 10. Quality Assurance
  • 11. Final Product

Common Disc Spring Alloys

  • Copper Beryllium (CuBe)
  • Cr-Ni-Mo Stainless Steel
  • Nickel-Beryllium (NiBe)
  • Inconel
  • Nimonic
  • SAE Grade Steel
  • Chromoly Steel
  • More Materials

Belleville Washer Features

  • DIN 2093 standards
  • High temperature resistance & High fatigue life
  • Different assemblies can be designed to achieve the desired load characteristics
  • Special materials and various surface coatings available
  • Better space utilization when compared to other spring types
  • Low creep tendency with the correct dimensioning
  • High load capacity with a small spring deflection

Disc Spring Applications

Belleville springs have become indispensable in a host of applications and industries. Belleville disc springs are used everywhere from the automotive, food processing, and chemical industries and found in applications from boilers and industrial furnaces to superconductors and satellites.

They are commonly used in applications requiring high spring force and small deflections. The washers are also used in applications requiring a high degree of safety.

To access our disc springs calculations program or a list of standard parts check out the Downloads page or you may contact our sales experts today for further assistance.


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